//What It’s Like to Own a Cat

What It’s Like to Own a Cat

pet cat sleepingAre you considering adopting a cat to be your pet and companion? Cats are excellent furry friends that can stay by your side for years to come. So what is it like being the human of a cat?

Cats are relatively easy to take care of, and for the most part, are able to entertain themselves. Therefore, they are great pets for those who work full time or otherwise do not have much time to spend on training a pet. In addition, they are not too needy and keep to themselves often. In fact, it is a common joke among those who have experience with cats that they will come to visit you when it suits them.

While cats are often temperate, they also have a lot of love tied up in their furry little bodies. They get attached to their owners and are quick to show affection for those they have come to love. And while they may not want anyone around to know it, they can become quite friendly with other animals in the home, even dogs.

Cats are able to venture outdoors only if they have not become declawed. This is for their safety and protection. However, they are able to adapt to life as indoor only animals regardless if they have their claws intact or not. Cats with claws are best left in the home if they have a scratching post. This keeps them from tearing up furniture. Something else that can be used are claw caps, which gently cover the claws of the feline and save your furniture without hurting the animal.

For a cat’s waste, you want to make a litter box available to them. Cats instinctually bury their waste in the wild, and a litter box appeals to this instinct. All you need to do is regularly freshen up litter and place the box in an area that is easy to get to for the animal.

If you would like a pet that is easy to care for and low maintenance, you should certainly consider bringing a cat into your life.

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