//Choosing Toys For Hamsters

Choosing Toys For Hamsters

hamster in hamster ballHamsters are very active animals and they will need a range of toys to keep them busy. The toys that you get for your hamster should allow them to exercise, play and explore. The problem that a lot of hamster owners have is that there are so many toys on the market that it becomes difficult to choose. If you are one of these people, there are certain toys that you should consider.

Wheels And Balls

A hamster wheel is a toy that most hamsters will make a lot of use of and you need to get one. When you choose a wheel, you should get one that is the right size for your pet. A wheel with a solid surface is also recommended as this will reduce the chances of injury.

You can also get a clear plastic ball or run-about that you can put your hamster in. While in the ball, they will be able to run around on the floor without you worrying about losing them. Balls are a great way to give your hamster some exercise while allowing them to explore further than their cage.

Chew Toys

A lot of people do not realize that hamsters need chew toys as much as any other pet. Getting the right chew toy is vital for your hamster as they use it to keep their constantly growing teeth in the best condition. It is recommended that you get a wooden chew toy for your pet.

If you are not buying the toy from the pet store, you need to ensure that it is free of chemicals and pesticides. You should also stay away from chew toys made with cedar and evergreen wood types. Willow rings and balls which are marketed for rabbits can be used for a hamster, but you need to ensure that you get the right size.

Cardboard can also be used to provide your hamster with a chew toy. Cardboard tubes from toilet rolls and paper towels are a good option and hamsters love them. You can also get sturdier tubes which are safe for chewing from your local pet store.


There are a lot of climbers on the market for your hamster. Climbing blocks and ladders are good options for your pet. If you are unable to find these items in the hamster section of your pet store, you can try the bird section. The wood ladders made for birds will work for your hamster.

You can also create your own climbing structures by using hardwood dowels and small pieces of wood for ramps. If you want to create a hut for your pet, you can use coconut shells. Organic rope should be used for hanging toys and making walkways.

If you are going to use rope for a climbing toy, you have to be careful. You should use a thicker size rope and ensure that your hamster cannot become tangled in it.

Sand Toys

Almost all hamsters like to dig and a sandbox is a good toy to consider. A chinchilla dust bath can also be provided to help your hamster keep their coat in the best condition. If you are going to provide sand toys, you need to ensure that the box is large enough for the hamster to burrow. You should also use sterilized soil if you cannot get sand.

There are a lot of toys that you can get for your hamster. Wheels and balls are important to provide your hamster with a method of exercise while climbing toys will help them play. Chew toys can help with dental health and should be made from wood. You should also consider getting a sandbox for burrowing.

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