//7 Tips for Choosing the Right Pet Snake

7 Tips for Choosing the Right Pet Snake

newborn garter snakePet snake are fascinating animals. They are quite tame. However, some people will never keep a snake as a pet because pet snakes have unique requirements.

Once you decide to look for the right pet snake, you must be prepared to take care of your pet snake. You have to be committed to taking care of your snake before choosing the right pet snake.

The following are the best tips for choosing the right pet snake.

1. Your Safety

Snakes are very beautiful. However, there are venomous snakes, which are not recommended because of their safety concerns. There are some snakes that are easy to tame. And they are friendly if you handle them with care. For your own safety, choose a snake that is easy to tame and not venomous.

2. Snake Cage

Your pet snake will try escaping several times. By the way, snakes are good at escaping. They can escape an escape-proof snake cage. They will always look for a way to escape your snake cage. When selecting a snake cage for your pet snake, choose the one that does not have small gaps.

3. A Healthy Snake

Choose a pet snake that is good health. To know the health of the snake, give it a cursory exam. Then, choose a pet snake that does have any signs of illness. Avoid snakes that have closed eyes, peeling skin, bubbles coming from the nose, or sores or mucus around their mouths.

4. The Snake Species

The species of the snake is important when choosing the right pet snake. Care requirements differ from snake species to species. In fact, there are snake species that are great for first-time snake owners.

What are the best snake species for first-time snake owners? Milk snakes, king snakes, ball pythons, and corn snakes. They are docile. They are easy to care for. They are small. And they are easy to find these snakes.

Hate these species?

Do not worry because there are more snake species you can choose from. In fact, you may choose between boa constrictors, Burmese pythons, tree boas, green snakes, or water snakes. However, these snakes are not recommended for beginners.

5. Reputable Local Breeder

Once you decide on a snake species, it is time to look for a reputable local breeder that has that species. Do not try to capture a snake in the wild and keep it as a pet, especially if you are a beginner. It is hard to tame wild-caught snakes. And they are prone to disease and parasites.

It is easy to find a local reputable breeder. If you love pet snakes, you may know other people who have pet snakes in their homes. Ask people you know and trust to recommend the right local breeder. After finding the right breeder, you can now buy the snake of your choice from that breeder.

6. Growth Rate

Furthermore, knowing the snake’s growth rate is important before choosing the right pet snake. There are some snakes that grow rapidly. For example, the Gopher Snake. It grows rapidly and it reaches sizes in excess of 8 feet long. You have to be committed to taking care of your pet snake if you want to keep a snake like this. You will buy a new snake cage every time it outgrows its old cage.

7. Feeding

Last, but not least, feeding your pet snake is important. Most common pet snakes east small mice. However, there are pet snakes that have specialized appetites, so it is hard to feed them because finding their food products is difficult. For example, water snakes prefer to eat frogs or goldfish. Make sure you can easily find food products before choosing a pet snake.

These are the best tips for choosing the right pet snake.

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